Monday, April 13, 2009

Android 1.5 API comming

I've just read over the changes to the Android 1.5 API (cupcake anyone) and there is one change in the list that I think might REALLY help MyCollection.

    • New Linux kernel (version 2.6.27)
    • SD card filesystem auto-checking and repair
    • SIM Application Toolkit 1.0

The biggest problem my app has involves dealing with the database on the SD card. Not all SD cards are created equal (in fact, performance across not only manufacture but product line varies greatly) and 90% of the bug reports I get have to do with SD card issues.

Hopefully this will help a bit. I haven't done a lot of development on the app. There are a few feature requests out there people want and I want the app to sit for a while and stabilize. I was releasing updates multiple times a day in some cases and the user community was strained by that.

I still have the framework for non-UPC search results and how to deal with multiple search results. I even have a beta UI for that. I think I'll release that under the 1.5 API and let that gel before making any other changes (wish-lists, SMS message integration, etc).


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  2. Kevin,

    Localization help would be great. Would you contribute the XML file? How would you localize the app?

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