Saturday, January 30, 2010



I have made some progress on switching to Google Base for my searches instead of Amazon. Additionally, I have made progress on getting a 2.0+ version of the application working as well. I should be able to wrap up and release version 2.0.0 later.

The biggest change is this version uses a web service (not XML) to perform the searches. This is a server that I host that performs Google searches and returns them in a much simpler format to the device. This greatly reduces the amount of data I pull down on the phone and the processing of those results so hopefully this will speed up searching.

Moving away from an Amazon-only search will make searching better and hopefully make my cross-region searches better as well. Only time will tell...

I hope to get to the back-log of feature requests as soon as I release this new version.

Here is the new search if you want to see what the results look like. The types are (movies, book, games, music).

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Back In Action


I am finally back to work on MyCollection. My first order of business will be a quick fix to make Android 2.* or later work.

I purchased some web hosting from and am building my own search service which the application will use instead of a dirct link to Amazon. I plan to use GoogleBase along with perhaps some custom searches from my own GData stores.

I also uploaded the source code to Google project hosting. I plan to use a public source control and project management system now. Here's the link...

We'll see how fast I can crank these out. I am still not up to full strength but I am able to work on the project a little and I want to get things working soon.