Thursday, January 28, 2010

Back In Action


I am finally back to work on MyCollection. My first order of business will be a quick fix to make Android 2.* or later work.

I purchased some web hosting from and am building my own search service which the application will use instead of a dirct link to Amazon. I plan to use GoogleBase along with perhaps some custom searches from my own GData stores.

I also uploaded the source code to Google project hosting. I plan to use a public source control and project management system now. Here's the link...

We'll see how fast I can crank these out. I am still not up to full strength but I am able to work on the project a little and I want to get things working soon.


  1. Wonderful! Glad to hear you're feeling better. Couple of enhancements: Can you add Kindle to the types of books and VOD (Video On Demand) to the types of Movies?

  2. Working on feature requests after I get the 2.0+ version ready. If there is a barcode, the Google product search SHOULD find it.