Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Playing around with GBase...

I've been experimenting with GBase for the last couple of days. Google offers a really good API for Java and provided it is compatible with Android, I may be moving away from Amazon searches.

One benefit this gives me is the ability for users to backup their data to their Google Docs account. The Amazon searches is something that has been a great boon to my application but the more regions I support, the harder it is to use Amazon as my only search provider.

It looks like I may get to start doing some serious coding again :-)


  1. This sounds very cool. The 1.6 update hosed my phone, and now, I need to go back and back everything up... and then reinstall everything I lost. I would feel a LOT better if my information was backed up to gdocs. For insurance purposes, if my phone gets destroyed, it also would give me the ability to have access to my collection.

    I would STILL love to see a computer version of this. Back your data up to gdocs, and have a small app that would allow you to open up your information on your PC. Heck, even better... take snapshots, and "save for later" the stuff you are scanning. Then, when you get to your PC, process all the itmes into their proper location, with stars, and all of the stuff you now do in the cell phone.

    As much as I like my G1, a full-sized keyboard is still more convinent. :-)

  2. I was unable to scan more than four on the free version. Figured it was supposed to be that way and when I went to upgrade it was no longer in the market. Are you putting it back?

  3. Can't find app on market. Used to have it on my Hero that phone crapped out. Is is copy protected? I've heard there are issues with the Hero and copy protected apps.