Saturday, May 16, 2009

AsyncTask and MyCollection Pro 1.5.13

I'm still working on 1.5.13. I had some UI ideas I've been trying to implement with a sliding drawer to handle additional sort criteria. At the same time, I've been porting my background threads to the new cupcake AsyncTask API.

It is far more convenient and easier to work with than the runable API I had been using. I get a pre and post execute event that operate in the UI thread and a doInBackground event that runs in the background thread. It is the perfect thing for database operations and I like how easy it is to wire into my app.

Once I complete the AsyncTask work, I'll realease what I have. The additional sorts will have to wait for 1.5.14 or possibly 1.6.0. That particular control is a little difficult to follow and the examples I use from the API doc don't work.

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