Thursday, May 28, 2009

MyCollection Pro - Release 1.5.13

I pushed out the release which is built against the cupcake API. This version has some changes under the hood for the threading and I tweak the soft keyboard navigation but that's it.

I'm working on using the new slider control to add more sort features and I'm working on changing the search work (I've been making behind the scenes changes for this for some time now) but that will probably be rolled into a 1.6 release.

TODO for 1.5:
  1. Stabilize Cupcake tweaks
  2. Complete thread migration to AsyncTask API
Wishlist for 1.6:
  1. Enable multiple sorts/filters for items though use of sliding drawer
  2. Enable searching by other means (title, actor/author, etc)
Wishlist beyond 1.6:
  1. Integrate goodle app engine API for searching (offload to web service perhaps?)
  2. Use other source than Amazon
I'm really running up to the limit of what I want to do with the application. Anything beyond these items is really fluff and I have enough of a user base that I won't be able to make drastic changes under the MyCollection applications. I may end up writing other applications to handle some of the other requests I get.

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