Monday, February 8, 2010

The Incredible Shrinking App

Apparently, my application's UI is shrinking in android versions l8r than 2.0 (touch, and the new Google sold phone). Not having on of those phones, I have no idea how to fix this so it's going to be trial and error. It is NOT happening in my emulator so I'm really baffled.

I can fix it by porting the app to Android 1.6 but when I do that, I cut off 20% of my market by I pick up another 20% on 2.0 or later. It's a tough call so I'm going to try to fix it without cutting off Android 1.5. I have cut-off pre Android 1.5 but they don't even register on the Android platform usage page:

At least it doesn't crash on start-up for 2.0 or later anymore...

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