Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Collection Pro - Release 1.5.4

Simple change here:

1. Added release date field to games and movies.

This is the last update this week while I work on some of the bigger changes. Some of the code is already in the current release while other bits are still only banding around in my brain.

I plan to add the ability to snap your own cover art pictures, and the ability to properly handle multiple results from a search. The picture taking has been a hot item for a long time and the multiple results is the start or more powerful searching.


  1. does not seem to work with my motorola droid.

  2. Where did the app go, it's not in the Market any more?

  3. Dude I bought your app, and now I am unable to see it in the Market after updating to 1.6, please let me know if you pulled this app down?