Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Collection - Release 1.4.0

I've been trapped in blizzards and sick with the flu so this release is a little longer coming than I would have liked. This is the start of the 1.4.* branch and I'll start taking feature requests...

Changes in this release:
  1. CD now has field for artist and is populated from Amazon lookup
  2. Book now has field for author and is populated from Amazon lookup
  3. Author and Artist are shown in item lists
  4. CD and Book no longer show "Rating" field
  5. Long-press menu on list shows title. This should help with fat-fingers
  6. Fixed some VERY VERY rare force-close bugs
  7. CD and Book export need to use the "Rating" field for the Artist and Author respectively
Things not fixed in this release:
  1. I still can't handle corrupted database files from bad or missing SDCARDS. If the database goes missing during the running of the application, I obviously can't read the data from it. If I ever get an epiphiny and figure out a way to fix this I will; however, my guess is I'll have to wait for Android to officially support apps installed on the SDCARD. This will eliminate SOOOOOO much of my nasty-hack code...
  2. I am still using Amazon as my only search provider. People keep sending me websites I can use but I really don't want to build code to scrape the contents of a URL get get data. That is more than I'm willing to do at this time. I need providers with services that I can use and use for FREE!!!
  3. If you have an 8-track tape of the white album that you bought in 1974, Amazon will probably not find it so please don't submit bug reports because the app won't find your 8-track tapes :-)

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