Friday, February 13, 2009

Paid App Comming

Google finally released the market features to charge for the application. In accordance with the policy, I'm leaving the version that has been out there for the last couple of months and I've re-published the application with a few changes.

The new version is 1.5.0 and the app package is now rather than I've also changes the books to sort by author and then title and the CD's sort by artist and title. I'm planning on releasing a new release where the sort options are configurable now that I've figured out a good way to do it.

Anyone can continue to use the old version and I'll still support both versions the same way I always have. Hopefully, I can finally pay for the developer phone and Android will get more phones on the market.


  1. Hi,
    Thanks for all the great upgrades.
    Will the new version have a year filed in books and cd's?

  2. Not initially but that is where I'll be adding the feature. One purchased, I believe all upgrades are free from that point forward.

  3. Hi,
    Some suggestions/bugs:

    1-Started to add some cd's in manually.
    I added 3 then did a export.
    Only 2 of the 3 titles got exported into the csv file.

    2- The year field is important in cd's and books.
    It could be for publish date or recording date. Many collectors would want this.

    3- The ability to edit the status and type field.
    The way you did in categories would also be usefull.

    4- Make artist and author a dropdown and editable menu also.
    Then those wth multiple books or cds could pick the name from the list instead of typing them in each time.

    5- All fields should be searchable.

    6- Make your link clickable from the program about to this blog.

    Your program is developing very nicely.
    I would be the 1st to purchase it with these changes.
    Just some ideas to improve it.


  4. I've got release date in the lineup for the next version. I'm trying to work out some of the multiple search results getting mixed up.

  5. Are you going to have a roadmap/suggest features/vote for features list? (I'm holding off on further scanning until I can do some simple tagging, like "office" vs. "living room" vs. "basement" - really all that needs is a user-defined string and a multi-select, plus a sticky default so I can scan a bunch of stuff and have it all get the same value/values...) it's pretty generic, my two use cases are "where did I leave that" and "does my mom already have that or should I get her a copy" but *everybody* "gets" tagging these days :-)