Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Collection Free - Release 1.4.6


  1. I found and fixed a rare import bug where names of movies with just numbers would throw an error
  2. Added a new about page with a link to my blog and a link to the paid version of the app


  1. I have got 2 more ideas of addons that would be useful if u want to do them. I would but I don't know how. You can email me or send me a PM (if this site can) and ill be happy to share them with you. Hope to hear from u.

  2. I updated to 1.4.6 and I have lost the "A" and "The" sort. It sorts using them where the previous version left them out of sort. Is it me or is there a problem?

    Is the database going to import to the Pro version or do I have to rescan? I saw it mentioned in earlier post and not sure so thought I'd ask.

    Keep up the good work and I'll be upgrading if the database transfers or the next hard phone reset! Hopefully it's the former!

  3. @Ted

    The database keeps when upgrading to the Pro version.

  4. hey whitey,

    is there any way i can get you to help me with 2 projects that im sure people would like? like i said, i would do it myself but im kinda new to the eclipse program. if u can eaither e-mail kme at
    or yahoo messenger me with the same screen name. i would appreciate the help

  5. Just wondering what is causing the force quit on bar code scan?
    Is this fixed it the Pro version?