Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Collection - Update

Work continues on the next release. I've noticed (especially for CD's) that UPC scans can return multiple results. Sometimes this would make the app show the right image but the wrong title (it just depends on how the XML is structured).

I've been able to re-work my XML parser to now dump the multiple results into generic lists and I'm working on the UI to allow the user to select which item they have.

This will pay off 10 fold because I can start allowing searching by other fields such as title, author, and artist. This is a LOT of code to write and I've also written in the release date functionality to this release so hopefully users will be happy.

I've moved all the code into a new package (namespace for your non-Java programmers) and this is quickly becoming a new application (for which I will charge $1.99). I'll continue to support the old version but some of these features are just not compatible with the old codebase (sorry!).

So far, I've been able to keep the databases compatible from the "My Collection" application to this new one but that might not be the case for future releases...

I have removed the code to copy the version 1.0.0 database from the device to the SDCARD; therefore, people upgrading from my first app (My Movies) will not be able to port their database over (sorry, but I had to move on).

I will however support those users by manually upgrading their database for them so they can plug it in to the paid app (this is a huge pain in the butt but I want to at least be good at support).


  1. Hi,
    Just downloaded the new version and it is great.
    Price is very reasonable.
    Thanks for all the upgrades.

  2. Hi,
    I found a bug.
    Release date is not being saved in cds.
    It disappears after you save it and bring the listing back up.
    I didn't try it in books yet.


  3. Hi!
    Everytime I try to lookup a UPC or scan a barcode the app crashes and restarts, any help would be greatly appreciated as I like to get paid app when released if I can get it working.
    Thank you for your help!

  4. @Carl



    Make sure you have the latest version of 'Barcode' scanner installed. You may need to re-install that product. Also, the G1 can be quirky with the SDCARD. You sometimes need to unmount it and power the phone off and back on again.

  5. hi! thankyou for the reply but unfortunately all your suggestions didn't work. always crashing when scanning a barcode. uninstalled BOTH apps and reinstalled from market, is there any cache that i should clear? should i leave sd unmounted when using? where does collection data get stored, happy to try things to get working properly. Thank you for your help!