Thursday, January 1, 2009

Android App Version 2

So it turns out that integrating with the android contact system was really simple so I wrote the rental activities into the application and you can now loan/rent movies/games to people on your contact list.

I also cleaned up the code a bit and moved away from the Silk icon set for the menu items and instead, I use android global menu images. Hopefully, the application can change as Android gets upgraded. I also selected a lighter theme... I'm sure that means more battery life, but I liked the white background better.

Here we have the new home screen. You can see the game-controller icon for items marked with a type of GAME:

Look at the new Android seeded menu icons:

I'm also disabling menu items if there is no selected item in the ListView. This only happens when an activity launched from the ListView returns and adds/deletes a row:

Here is the new Edit screen. It was easy to add ratings and types because I used the array.xml resource files. I just went to and got what I needed for the games and I've added the TV ratings as well. Why they are not all the same is beyong me:

Same thing with the menu displayed. I really like the seeded menu icons better:

Here is the screen showing the rental list. I tried to consolidate the contact and title into one row; however, the longer movie/game titles went off the screen and it looked terrible. I like this approach better and hopefully, a 500 item catelog won't have all 500 out at a time. I'm thinking of a possible grouping of contacts for a later version:

Same thing with the menu visible:

The edit screen seems really simple and it is. I used a CursorAdapter to bing the Spinners and added methods in my DbAdapter to retrieve cursors to the Android Contacts repository and I created a smaller method for the movies that just returns _id and title:

Once again, same thing with menu:

The import screen didn't change other than code cleanup. I removed some redundant event handlers and added more comments:

Overall, I'm liking version 2 better and I'm learning more and more about Android. I'll try to work out checking-out a movie from your contacts application but I'm not sure where to start there. I'll post some messages to the developers message board and see where I land...

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