Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Collection - Release 1.2.14

Arg... Some people don't have an SD card installed and the application was crashing. My bad...

  1. Use the default device-database if sdcard one cannot be created.


  1. I actually logged on just to let you know about the crashing problem while the SD card is mounted, but looks like you're on top of it.

    I was thrilled to see the export feature! This app is fantastic, keep up the great work!

  2. Just d/l'ed the app, it's great. Some suggestions:
    1. Have the Import option in the More area.
    2. Have a Scanning mode. Right now, it's very tedious: Press Menu, select scan, scan something, tap on Lookup, then press Menu, then select save.

    Would be nice if once you scan, it will automatically lookup what you just scanned (when in dvd view, scans dvd default, in game view, scans games default, etc..)

    Also have the Save button right there on the screen not in the menu.

    And in this scanning mode, it will automatically go back to barcode scanning mode, so we don't have to go press menu/scan again.

    Otherwise great app.
    I use 's DVD Profiler program to organize my dvd/blu-ray/hd-dvd I used a csv export plugin and I just edited the csv to make sure it worked with this app. It's 27megs, taking a while for the import to work, hopefully it works.

  3. @yatpay

    Does 1.2.14 fix your problems?

  4. This is a great app. Like others though, I have a suggestion or two.

    1. Add a scan function to the loan tab so if I am loaning a movie to a friend, I don't have to scroll through my huge list of movies to find the one I am loaning.

    2. I second the scanning mode described above. This will help with mass inputing as it can be a little burdensome now. It might also help to have an auto-lookup and add feature.

    3. Be able to loan a movie or game from the prospective tabs. For instance, it would be nice if I could long click on a particular movie and select "loan out" and it would take me to the loan out screen where I could select a contact to loan it to. (This one may remove the need for suggestion 1, maybe not)

    Once again, great app. By far my favorite app on Android so far.

  5. @Lenard,

    I already plan on implimenting option 3 and I agree that it will take care of option 1. As for option 2, I'll consider that for the 1.3.* branch.

  6. @Whitey,

    I was fully updated when I got this bug, but I haven't tried getting it again so it may have just been a fluke.

  7. Yes, this was a problem with the upgrade. When you first load the application
    it tries to copy the database to the SDCARD. On some phones this takes long
    enough that Android wants to kill the application.

    Here is how you fix it:

    Delete the database file on the SDCARD in '/sdcard/my_collection/my_movies'
    Restart the application and if you get asked to Wait of Close, choose Wait.