Saturday, January 17, 2009

Source Code Management

I've been making so many changes lately, I decided it was time to use some type of software source code management solution.

I've used CVS, AccuRev, SourceSafe, Team Foundation Server, PVCS, and Dimensions before with mixed successes; however, being as I'm still earning $0.00 on My Collection so my budget was nill. CVS is free but I decided to try Subversion. Subversion was built to handle some of the shortcommings of CVS and most companies I know that use or used CVS have or are migrating to subversion if they don't want a commercial solution.

I decided on the packaged Subversion solution for Windows called VisualSVN.

VisualSVN packages subversion with Apache and a Windows GUI. I also downloaded the eclipse plugin and everything is well managed now. I've already used the diff tools to help me troublshoot some new functionality I'm working on.

Now all I need is an expert QA staff and 12 more hours in the day.

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