Friday, January 16, 2009

My Collection - Release 1.2.15

Changes in this release:
  1. You can now loan items out from the list or from the edit screen.
  2. Database upgrades or sdcard copy operation not happen in background and a progress dialog is shown to the user.
NOTE: For all the users that upgraded to 1.2.12 or 1.2.14 and the database got corrupted, you will still have to delete the copy on the sdcard. This release will just make it so Android does NOT try to kill the upgrade the next time by running it in the background and I show a progress dialog so the user knows whats happening.

This wraps up all the features I wanted to add to the 1.2.* branch. Here is what I'm thinking of for 1.3.*:
  1. User can add own categories
  2. Categories are by type. So DVD gets a different list than BOOKS and GAMES.
  3. CDs
  4. I'll probably break Blu-Ray into it's own tab. That will make some of the UI things I need to do easier. I just need to make sure I have enough room in the tabs
  5. Anything my users may suggest that I think adds value


  1. Nice, I like the new features you are planning for 1.3

  2. Could it be possible for you to add the a save button in the edit window, so we don't have to keep pressing menu to save. thanks

  3. Love your app and the amount of updates! I can not for the life of me get it to import my library via *.csv. Is there something I am missing? I have Row A named for each of your data fields and have used Excel to make DOS and Windows versions of the csv file but it keeps crashing the program when I try to import.

    Any tips? Should I make sure each movie name is under a certain size? Can there be no blank cells, etc? Should I be using a different program to create the csv? Should the csv file I am using start in a certain place on the phone or sd card when I first try to import?

    Please help :) I've searched your blog and can't find anything to get me going.


  4. @Christopher

    Csv file format as follows:



    2001 A Space Odessy,PG-13,Science Fiction,Good,DVD,4,123456789012
    2010 The Year We Make Contact,PG-13,Science Fiction,Good,DVD,4,123456789012
    Serentity,PG-13,Science Fiction,Good,Blu-Ray,5,123456789012

    If you have blank columns, you still need the comma:

    Serentity,PG-13,Science Fiction,Good,Blu-Ray,,123456789012

  5. A couple of suggestions:

    Have two views for each product. One would be more of a baseball card view with all the info and a bigger picture of the item (It would probably be nice to have an easy loan out button on here too). The second view is the edit view where any of the info can be changed (accessible through the menu button).

    Have the games table automatically find what type of game it is (PS2, 360, etc.)

    Maybe have two sets of ratings. An initial one pulled from and a personal rating that will override it. The Netflix model works extremely well in my opinion.