Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Collection Release 1.2.7

That's right, I've renamed the application from 'My Movies' to 'My Collection' After adding books, I just couldn't call it My Movies anymore so I renamed it.

I removed the default theme and went to the more standard android black/gray theme. That made the tabs easier to see as well as the contrast was better on some of the images I got.

I added the ability to manage books and I changed the main UI to be tabbed. There are 4 tabs (Movies, Games, Books, and Loaned). Hopefully they are self-explanitory.

I'll work on the major house-keeping items this weekend.


  1. Awesome app, but I and other user keep getting "force close" and it would be awesome if you can create your own categories or your own collection tabs.

  2. I've just installed your App on my brand new G1, it looks like its shaping up to be a good one, kind of like Delicious Library but without the webapp/Mac reliance. One thought though (as I'm now tempted to scan everything I own) for a first time user it would be really useful to have a batch scanning mode that goes scan->lookup->scan with only one buttonpress (to confirm the commit to the DB) as right now it's menu->scan->lookup button->menu->save->menu->scan which is fine when you're adding a new book/dvd/game but awkward when you're starting afresh.

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  4. I love this app, but i'm not sure how or if you can import a movie list i already have? bc i have over 400 movies it would be a pain to type them all up on my g1. is there a better way that i missed? i see the import tab but i'm not sure what to do after that.

  5. I'd like to second SilentMobius' thought on the batch scanning mode. It's not so bad once you get into the rhythm of new->scan->lookup->rate->save, especially when on wifi, but it's always nice to streamline when possible.

  6. @Anthony,

    Look at the following blog article for the CSV file format (you can use Excel or Notepad really):


    @Everyone Else:

    Thanks for the feedback and feature requests. My TODO list is getting too long to handle so let me let the application gel for a bit (after I fix the latest Force Close problem) and finish off my current TODO's. I should probably create a forum for feature requests?

  7. ok thanx so much, i love this thing!