Saturday, January 24, 2009

Usage Slowdown == Development Slowdown

I've spent some time getting 1.3.* stable and I'm really not going to add to many features to this branch. I've tweaked the import process to handle imports and exports a little better and I'm still trying to work out setting a locale for the application since some users don't have it set right for the device (at least until Cupcake comes out and they can change it themselves).

For now, I'm going to work through the locale part and push probably the last 1.3.* release. Then I'll start building a list of features for 1.4.*.

I need to address the sorting and I think I'm just going to create a hidden column called title_sortable and strip out 'The ' and 'A ' and see if that does the trick. I might do this for 1.3.* or I might wait for 1.4.*.

I want to leave the database alone since that has been the biggest cause of upgrade trouble ever. My application can handle starting on version 1.1 and upgrading to 1.3 but between those releases, there were 6 changes to the database and it makes for an interesting upgrade process.

Until we get some more android devices on the market, my downloads are probably going to slow down. I reached the next milestone 10k - 50k and I'll ride that out adding a couple small features as I go. I really need more Android phones to build a more stable ecosystem for my app.

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