Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Movies Release 1.2.3

Lots of changes:
  1. Now grab image from Amazon and display in movie details and movie list.
  2. Search not matched not just titles that start with, but contain the letters you type
  3. Added lookup button next to UPC. Menu option was confusing people
  4. Renamed "New From Scan" menu to "Scan Barcode"
  1. Store the database on sdcard. It's getting big now and there isn't a LOT of local storage.
  2. Pretty up about box
  3. Rent a movie out to a friend from the movie list (currently you can only create a rental from the Rental list).
All-in-all, I say this isn't too bad of a start for about 10 hours worth of work. I've read some posts online of people looking to store the sqllite databases on the SDCard so I'll probably start with that next.

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