Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Collection - Release 1.3.7

I spent some time testing UK lookup and as long as the phone is localized to the UK (which it should be if it's sold in the UK), the lookups work. I was able to lookup every UK UPC someone sent me that they were having trouble with. The UK site looked up all the US movies I have as well so mayble I'll just switch, but for now, I'm obeying the Android rules of localization and it is supposed to work so I think I'll leave it for now in case the Android police try to come and arrest me later.

  1. UK issue is on hold. The localization code works great, I'm guessing this issue will work itself out as Android gets a bigger UK presence.
  2. Removed duplicate Amazon image lookup. Lookups should be a little faster now.
  3. Sharper App icon (Thanks yet again Alexis)

  1. Do on long click menus for items to do quick loan and delete
  2. Wishlist?

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