Sunday, January 18, 2009

Progress With Life

I blog a LOT about 'My Collection' but I'm excited to blog about something different. On top of developing an Android application with 4000+ active users and close to 10,000 downloads, I have a wife, three children, a dog, and a cat.

Tonight will be the first night my youngest is sleeping in his own bed in a room he will share with his brother. My wife and I will finally have our room back!!! As with my first two, I expect the transition to take some time, but if I can just get him going to sleep in his own room, my wife and I can enjoy an hour or two of solitude and alone-time.

Here's to sleep-filled-nights* that I hope to have in the coming years. There is an seven year gap between my youngest and middle child so I had been sleeping though the nights** for several years and it's been an adjustment.

And my grey hair count is up now. I used to be able to name one after each of my children. Then I had to add the pets, then the birds in the bird-houses, then well... I don't really want to talk about it. Here's to hoping it all falls out soon enough...

* Sleep-filled-nights are one of the most rarest and precious of possessions. Parents have been known to beg, borrow, and steal everything up to and including lollipops from babies to gain such a precious possession...

** Reletively through the nights. I occasionally got woken up for vomiting, bad dreams, noises in the house, and because one of my children couldn't find their spoon-shaped-thing.

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