Friday, January 9, 2009

My Movies Release 1.2.2

Okay, threading the CSV import and web service lookups were SOOOO painfully easy. It took me 10 minutes to do them both.

That's all for this version. I would like to say I'll let this jell a while but I never can. I'll try to keep working my way down the 1.2.* branch.

Now that I've got the lookup on a thread, I'll probably start grabbing the box-cover images and I'll start that code. I expect that to take me a while so that could be my jell time there...


  1. Hell yeah dude.
    So far so good you only have to scan then have to choose Lookup to get the title only from the lookup. Needs some more info o be pulled up like ratings (PG,R and Such)
    Great work keep it up
    If you want someone to help you testing just holler and will work on it.

    I work for T-Mobile Technical Support and the G-1 is one of the smartphonesI work on.


  2. Thanks Lathquar, I'm working on getting the images right now. I'm able to pull the images but even the smallest image from Amazon's AWS is to big to be usable in the UI. I can re-size it, but it's an expensive operation...

    Oh well, I'll figure it out eventually...