Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Collection - Release 1.2.16

Here is what changed:
  1. Separated DVD and Blu-Ray tab (this is in prep for adding CD's in 1.3.*)
  2. Automatically lookup item info when you scan barcode
  3. Use larger image on item info screen
  4. Code cleanup and general housekeeping in preparation for 1.3.* activities
I built the code to show who the item is loaned out to on the item list screen; however, the list ran SOOO slow. I use a relational database so the rentals table just has MovieId and ContactId along with some other rental specific attributes (time_out, time_in, etc...).

The SQLite API doesn't appear to allow joins in their methods that return a cursor so I have to do 3 separate queries for each row. I would have to do two separate queries no matter what because I cannot join to the contact data from the application database. Once I figure out a way to do it without a big performance hit, I'll add the functionality back.

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