Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Collection - Release 1.3.10

I skipped over 1.3.9 because the locale changes I was trying to implement would not work... I finally had to bite the bullet and add an "Amazon Site" option under preferences so the user can pick which site they are hitting.

  1. Import/Export now supports wrapping text in double-quotes so users can import items with titles set to "Sixth Sense, The" to help with sorting.
  2. There is now an "Amazon Site" setting in the preferences tab so users can tell the system to use the UK Amazon. I did this because I can't change the locale at runtime for the UK users where they had US regional phones but were looking up UK movies.
  3. I now trim extra whitespace around the item title which will help with items sorting weird.


  1. The UK lookups now seem to work well :)


  2. I'm having some trouble on what should be the basic task of exporting data from an old (small) SD card to upgrade to a new (larger) SD card. The export csv comes up empty when I choose export, though the program reports my single item listed before I choose to export it. I can't transfer either the csv or the other information in the My_music folder to the new card successfully. I also can't add it without scanning the barcode again, which I can't do because it is loaned.
    Am I missing something obvious or making some sort of mistake. My main goal for this was to track loaned items, and my one test case is already lost in the export process.

  3. @Justin,

    You need to copy the database file on the SDCARd. The file is called 'my_movies' and it's in the 'my_collection' folder. The export process is just for the movies list. I have not yet built a process to export/import loans.

    Since the database file can easily be coppied from one SDCARD to another, it has been at the bottom of my list. I'll try to work that in to the 1.4 branch.

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  4. Thanks. I now have the proper listing, but whenever I go to the loaned tab, it forces it to close with the message "Sorry! The application My Collection (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again."
    Just an FYI. Not sure if I'm the only one getting that bug with this version.

  5. @Justin,

    What version are you running? Is it 1.3.10? If not, upgrade. You can email me your database file and I'll load it on my phone to see whats going on.