Friday, January 9, 2009

Status Update on Barcode

All is finally going well for barcode scanning.

I'm able to do the following:

  1. I'm able to invoke the Barcode Scanning application and get the UPC scanned from that app.
  2. Then, I invoke the Amazon web services and I get the XML document back.
The only thing left is to parse the XML Document I get back from Amazon.

I was originally looking to find a quick way to use XPath to pull what I needed but the javax.xml.xpath api doesn't appear available on the Android JRE, so I'm going to have to use SAX and do it the hard way.

Now that I have the dev phone, I spent some time getting the slid-out keyboard functionality working. Now, when you slide the keyboard out and then back, you don't lose your changes or what you typed.

GOSH THAT WAS ANOYING and I'm glad I've got a user community as patient as they are!!!

Additionally, I think I'm going to leave the version in the 1.* schema. I'm thinking of 1.2.0 for barcode scanning. I'm thinking of adding other features to make the app a little nicer based on user requests that can take the app to 2.0 status (Books, Favorites, Updatable categories, etc...)

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