Friday, January 9, 2009

MyMovies Release 1.2.1

Quick Maintenance Release:

  1. I had an epiphany in the shower and I fixed the game bug. I've been able to scan every XBox 360, Wii, Nintendo DS, and PC game in my house and it works.
  2. I wasn't writting UPC to the database... OOPS
Here is my TODO list for the 1.2.* branch:
  1. Thread the import process and Amazon ws call so the UI doesn't throw an "Application not responding" message. The Amazon call happens rarely and I'm on AT&T Edge so 3g should never see it, but I still want to do it right. The CSV import was always there and it's time I actually get it done...
  2. Store the database on sdcard. It's getting big now and there isn't a LOT of local storage.
  3. Retrieve box image from Amazon and show it. I already pull the URL and I have storage columns in the internal SQL Lite database, but I just need to finish it.
  4. Pretty up the about box...
  5. Rent a movie out to a friend from the movie list (currently you can only create a rental from the Rental list).
As for 2.0.* here are some initial thoughts:
  1. Change the name to something like "Collector" or something other than My Movies. It does games and hopefully more in the future...
  2. BOOKS!
  3. Tabbed list Movies, Games, Books
  4. Make categories editable
  5. CHARGE MONEY FOR IT!!! I'm still in mind of the <$4 but we'll see. I'm spending a LOT of time on this (around 20 hours now) plus the cost of the developer phone(s) plus the cost of missing sleep because I work on this while the family is in bed. It's starting to become an expensive hobby...
Beyond 2.0.*
  1. No idea, hopefully I'll be rich and I can hire a minion to figure it out...

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