Sunday, January 4, 2009

MyMovies Version 1.1.5

Simple changes this release...
  • I added an NR rating category per a user request.
  • Fixed display problem with rating on home screen with new movies
I also finally found the root cause of that @$!#* rating star bug on the movie list. The issue was never with the movie being saved to the database with the wrong rating, it was with how the rating was displayed.

It displayed with the rating of the movie directly below it and it had to do with how Android draws items in a list. The list is fed from a CursorAdapter that only fetches how ever many items from the cursor that it has to draw on the current screen. If you insert an item in between, the widgets on the screen were not reset properly and if you had a 5 star movie before, all 5 stars would be enabled even if the movie was only one start. I needed to reset the stars to disabled in the display(Cursor c) method and not rely on them to be reset in the constructor (or the method I call to from the constructor).

That one was tuff...


  1. Need some help getting the CVS file format right can you tell me or provide a link to the best format?


  2. I am unable to get my csv file to get accepted into the phone, i took ths csv file from Mysql file.

  3. Lathquar and business for life, email me your csv file and I'll see what's going on.

  4. if you get bar code scanner working i will pay u for it and scan all my movies to the phone instead of transferring by way of csv files. also would u be storing this info through the sd card?
    Thanks for the offer to check my file but i think the reason it won't work. because how i have setup the columns in mysql instead of what u have setup.