Monday, January 12, 2009

Revised TODO List

I've gotten a lot of feedback by mail and sometimes just the comments on the market about my application. I think the most misunderstood features of my application is the rentals section.

The intention was to keep track of who the user loaned their movies out to. I think most of my users think it is for keeping track of movies they have rented (which sounds useless to me and based on the feedback, the users that thought it was for that purpose found it useless as well).

I'm going to rename the sections to "Items on Loan" and I'm going to change the interface to use tabs. There will be 3 tabs initiall and a 4th one added when I finish books. Here is the revised TODO:
  1. Rename 'Rentals' to 'Items on Loan'
  2. Tabify the interface to show 'Movies', 'Games', 'Items on Loan'
  3. Pretty up about box
  4. Store database (or at least images) on SDCARD
  5. Make Amazon searched work in UK
  6. Investigate the missing images and trouble I'm having with Amazon
  7. Add indicator in movie/game list to tell if item is loaned out.

That's enough for now. I'll probably take care of 1, 2, 3, and 7 work in the next release.

Number 5 should be simple but I'm trying to do it such that I can support all regions Amazon supports and not just US and UK. I at least want Australia because of the Kogan comming out soon.

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