Friday, January 9, 2009

MyMovies Release 1.2.0

Well barcode scanning is FINALLY here. It's still a little beta and it's only working with games presently, but it's there.

I fixed a UI bug where the values you entered when you flip the keyboard out were not saved when you close it (fixed in movies and rentals section).

I added an about page but it's not formatted all pretty yet. I'll clean these things up and release a new version once I get some user feedback.

1 comment:

  1. Hell yeah dude.
    So far so good you only have to scan then have to choose Lookup to get the title only from the lookup. Needs some more info o be pulled up like ratings (PG,R and Such)
    Great work keep it up
    If you want someone to help you testing just holler and will work on it.

    I work for T-Mobile Technical Support and the G-1 is one of the smartphonesI work on.