Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Collection - Release 1.2.11

I accidentally shipped a beta version for 1.2.10 for about 1 minute. Oops! I really need some good version control now that the app has gotten so big...

  1. Export feature
  2. Prettied up about box
  3. New non-silk icons (THANKS YET AGAIN Alexis Gonzalez)
  4. Rather than disable the Scan Barcode icon, I show a dialog if you don't have Barcode scanner telling you to go get it. Dumb UI thing on my side, and hopefully I'll stop getting 10 emails a day and negetive feeback on the market about it.
Remaining Todo for 1.2.*:
  1. Store database (or at least images) on SDCARD
  2. Add 'Loan' action from movies page <- new requested feature
  3. Add indicator in movie/game list to tell if item is loaned out.
As you can see, I'm working my way through the TODO list. Hopefully I can button this 1.2.* branch up and move on to some of the things I want to do for 1.3.* (User manageable categories, etc...) and get a better idea what a 2.0 might look like.

I keep getting request for the application to track things like VHS, Laser Disc (those 12 inch beasts), CD's, VCDs, etc so I'll see what I can so.

Some people even want my app to play movies but I'm pretty sure that is a resounding no. It's not that I don't want to do an application with media playback, but not in this app. I don't like 'Kitchen Sink' applications and I think they leed to bloatware and unmaintainability.

Thanks again for all the feedback and community support!!!!


  1. I just started using this yesterday. I really like it. I REALLY would love to see the database on my SD card. :-) I never have enough memory on the phone, as it is! If I could have ONE feature, it would be that. :-) Thanks!

  2. It would be cool if when u loan a movie out it (the program) sets a reminder and alerts you 1week,1 month etc from that day that the movie has been loaned out. Bigger pictures would be nice as well. Maybe even a wishlist of movies youd like to add to your collection. Also in the About section you still have " About My Movies" as the title. Keep up the great work!