Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Collection - Release 1.3.12

This release adds the functionality to ignore "A " and "The " in the movie title when sorting. This is the last piece of functionality that I consider "Should be there" and I'm putting the 1.3.* branch on maintenance only mode from now on.

NOTE: This upgrade takes a while to run the first time. Every item in your collection gets updated with a hidden field called "title_sortable" which I actually sort by. For collections with thousands of items, it can take a while.

I'll start work on the 1.4 branch soon and I'll consider the numerous feature requests I've been getting and see what I can work up for that branch.

I've already decided that 1.4 will NOT upgrade from any version newer than 1.2. You will just be out of luck if you have an earlier version but my current usage statistics lead me to believe this won't be a problem.

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