Monday, January 5, 2009

upcomming development

I've ordered my development phone which hopefully will help me finish he barcode scanning feature. Until then, I'm working on some more tweaks based off of more user feedback.

I'm really impressed with how much feedback I've gotten and all of it was constructive. Right now, most users want barcode scanning. The biggest challange with that is NOT the barcode scaning. Good zxing was a BIG help there. The hardest part is finding a service provider who can perform the lookups.

I've contacted Amazon Web Service to see what free services they offer. I'm hoping to get the following data fields:
  1. Title
  2. Rating
  3. Description
  4. Category (hopefully this will sync with the IMDB categories I use now)
  5. A thumbnail
I've had a request from one user to show a picture of the disc so hopefully this will give us what we need.

As for the next version:
  1. An about page <- Not requested but I need to take care of this to recognize some user feedback and to put some acknowledgements in
  2. More detailed filtering <- I've gotten requests from some users to filter movies by category, rating, and type. I'm planning to leave the title filter at the top and add a colapsable pane to add additional filters
Not much but I like the idea of small incremental changes. I'll probably go to version 1.2.0 with this and let it stabalize then release 2.0.0 which will be barcode scanning version.

Hopefully the Android market will have its payment services setup and I can earn the money back I spend on the development phone and the android account. Also, I'm hoping I can do something like free upgrades or discounted upgrades.

For a price, I was thinking of something simple like $2.99. I'd like to do it for a buck, but Google is planning on taking 30% for the cariers and I need to have some left over after I pay taxes on it.

If they won't offer a discounted or free upgrade option, I will probably charge less so the user community doesn't get sucked dry. Escpecially since a lot of the "upgrades" come from feature requests and feedback from the users.


  1. Dude keep up the good work got a few of my friends, we all work at T-Mobile Technical Support using your program and waiting for the newes update. I have alot of movies waiting for this.

    once again keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks Lathquar. I'm plugging away at barcode scanning.